About Us

“Manarat Al-Andalus” stems from the fact that it has passed on its experience through generations and a rich history in the trade of ceramics, porcelain, bathroom furniture and sanitary ware, and by establishing, developing and expanding this trade for more than twenty years until it became one of the first among the many in this trade of ceramics and porcelain of all kinds. And its types

General Manager | Abdullah Al-Ansari

Our Vision

We attach great importance to the diligent follow-up of the most important products of this industry, and from all countries of the world, especially from Europe, specifically “Spain (Andalusia – Arab civilization)”, and for as long as this intermingling between Western and Arab civilizations, which used to combine methods and methods of construction, which was characterized by the history of the Arab era with mosaics – The basis for the ceramic industry – and in its various forms, as these methods developed in Andalusia and became the cradle of the ceramic and porcelain industry and on the various ceramics industry, which also extends to the accessories of this industry and from furniture to bathrooms and sanitary ware, and therefore through our vigorous follow-up to various exhibitions and sorting out the best of these products of quality And the luster and splendor of designs, as it has doubled the diversity of this industry after the industrial boom that came to it and became multiple in shapes, patterns and colors and with its different uses and models of ceramics and porcelain, which urged us to provide the best of them to the local market in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAnd the Arab region


“Manarat Al-Andalus” for ceramics and porcelain has expanded with galleries and exhibitions in various regions of the Kingdom, the most important of which are in the capital, Riyadh, the western region, and even the eastern region, and also through our distributors in the various regions of the Kingdom, where the expansion of the “Beacon Al-Andalus” activity extended through the current construction boom in all cities of the Kingdom through mega projects Whether governmental at the state level, and even private for real estate development companies, including hotels and new cities with modern construction models, whether for buildings, villas, apartments and even others such as luxurious palaces and even corporate offices


Since this was a construction boom, the “beacon of Andalus” had to expand into a new huge warehouse city to store its goods, on an area of ​​more than 40 thousand square meters in the city of “Jeddah” where there are many and varied goods in abundance to cover the demand for our distinct and unique products, as well as a medium warehouse And on “Al-Kharj” road to cover and support the special request of the capital city of Riyadh


The manufacture of ceramics and porcelain from floor and wall tiles, as well as sanitary ware, emanates from it many, many shapes, colors and styles, which requires great care in terms of the method of packaging and preservation with cartons, bagging and wood

 pallets in order to protect them from cracking or scarring, as well as from external scratches when stacking and storing, Which draws on all this to facilitate the movement of “trucks” and “loading crane” when loading and unloading .. and loading again to the sites of our customers and our customers, which necessitated the presence of huge warehouses in terms of area, so on an area of ​​130,000 feet, equivalent to about 40,000 square meters And at a distance of only 20 kilometers from the sea port of “Jeddah” in the area of ​​Mars, where the warehouse city of “The Andalus beacon” is located. Branch in “Riyadh” with an area of ​​more than 15000 square meters, which in turn supports and supplies our showrooms with various goods for the central region in Riyadh and its suburbs


The showrooms of “Manarat Al-Andalus” are concentrated in the most important cities of the Kingdom. In the capital, Riyadh, there are two showrooms in two different locations and supported by a private medium warehouse on “Al-Kharj” road, to meet the needs

 of all branches of the “Central Region” of goods. Inside the showrooms in a unique and wonderful manner, as it relies on shelves and display floors specially prepared from Spain from the company “Porcelanosa International – PORCELANOSA” in order to give our valued customers and our customers the largest room for comfort and a wider field of vision, to inspect the goods in an excellent way so that our guest enjoys and unleashes his imagination to choose More precisely, as if the ceramic is on the ground in his home or office, and you make him easily decide among more than 2,500 models of different shapes and colors, with a variety that gives you comfort when you decide to buy, and by our coverage of the city of Riyadh, it is added to our branches, where we are located in the eastern region with the first showrooms in the city “Dammam” and the second in “Hofuf”To cover the needs of our customers in the Eastern Province, and we are located in the Western Region in the city of “Jeddah” with a central showroom and a privileged location to meet the needs of all our customers in the western region. Whereas, within a year, God willing, we will open our first new branch in the southern region

Our Mission

Maintain utmost quality, service and extending after sales.

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